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Mohawk Valley Health Systems (MVHS) has proposed the construction of a new, state-of-the-art consolidated hospital facility in a roughly 25 +/- acre section of Downtown Utica.  As part of the overall project, MVHS submitted an application for financing assistance to the Oneida County Local Development Corporation (OCLDC), whose protocol requires completion of the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA), prior to the issuance of any financial assistance.  At a meeting on February 2, 2018, the Board of Directors of OCLDC reviewed MVHS’s application for financing assistance along with the Full Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) submitted by MVHS.  Based on that review, OCLDC designated the proposed construction project as a Type I action under SEQRA.  The OCLDC declined to take on the role of Lead Agent under SEQRA, instead suggesting that the City of Utica Planning was a more appropriate entity to serve in that role, given its access to professional planning staff, its expertise with SEQRA and its authority to ultimately grant Final Site Plan approval to the project; letters to that effect were sent to all potential Involved Agencies.  At its meeting on February 15 , 2018, by a 3 to 1 vote, the City of Utica Planning Board voted to designated itself Lead Agent for the purposes of SEQRA review.

While Chapter 641 of the NYS Laws of 2005 requires that every Environmental Impact Statement, whether draft or final, be posted on a publicly accessible internet web site, the City of Utica is endeavoring to make all SEQRA-related documents for this project available on this page in the interest of transparency.  Per the aforementioned law, this material will remain on this page until one (1) year after all final approvals have been issued for the project.

Any questions regarding the material contained below or relevant to the project itself should be directed to Brian Thomas, Commissioner

Project Area map

Original Oneida County Local Development Corporation Application for Financial Assistance

Mohawk Valley Health Systems’ Full Environmental Assessment Form

Oneida County Local Development Corporation Lead Agency Letter

City of Utica Planning Board Agenda for Thursday, February 15, 2018

City of Utica Planning Board Designation of Lead Agency Resolution

Positive Declaration

DRAFT Scoping Document 5-18-18

FINAL Scoping Document

Public Scoping Notice

Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Notice of Completion of DEIS and Notice of Hearing

Notice of Completion of Final EIS

FINAL Environmental Impact Statement 3-21-19

Draft Findings Statement

Findings Summary Mitigation Summary