Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is my green waste going to be picked up?

A. See link for Street Cleaning on the Services page.

Q. Road paving schedules.

A. Contact the City engineers Office at 792-0152

Q. We have a problem with our sewer, what do we do?

A. The City is responsible for the city sewer main only. Property owners are responsible for their laterals from the property to the city sewer main.

Q. Animal control questions.

A. The animal control officer can be reached at 792-0108.

Q. Damage was done to my property, what do I do?

A. Property damage such as lawn damage that was done by a city plow or city vehicle will be repaired by the DPW. For sidewalks in need of repair, please contact the Engineering Department at 792-0152. For damages of a more serious nature, you must file a "Notice of Claim" against the city. Please contact the Law Department at 792-0171