Home Occupation

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Home Occupation

Request for Certificate of Occupancy Form

Before a Home Occupation Permit can be issued, the following criteria needs to be addressed to ensure that the business does not exceed the requirements of the permit.

1. The home occupation must be carried on by the permanent resident of the building and may employ only one person not residing there.

2.No more than 25% of the gross floor space shall be used for the occupation-a floor plan must be submitted.

3. No more than 4 non-resident automobiles parked at or near the premises may be generated at any one time. Only one sign, no larger than 2 square feet may be affixed flat against the building -a sketch must be submitted showing location.

4.The Home Occupation Permit is not transferable and must be renewed every five (5) years.

 In addition the request must state the following:

1. Type of business

2. Hours open

3. Days open

4. Number of people and relationship to each other and where they reside

5. If renting, a letter from the owner stating permission to operate this type of business at this site.