Building Permit

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Building Permit

All construction undertaken in the City of Utica costing $1000.00 or more requires a building permit. If a special circumstance does not allow obtaining a permit during these times please call the Codes Building Department at 792-0157 to request an appointment to speak with a Building Inspector about your project permit needs. All new construction or renovation in the Scenic & Historic District requires a permit regardless of cost. The Building Inspector will advise you if your project falls within the district and what is required before construction can begin.CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY A request for a Certificate of Occupancy may be made to the Building Department. An Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Safety and Codes Inspection will need to be completed before a certificate may be issued. Please contact the Building Department for a list of certified inspection agencies. A Certificate of Occupancy is required for the following:

  • New construction.
  • Change in occupancy.
  • Any commercial structure that has been closed for six months or more.
  • Any structure that has been closed by the Police, Fire or Codes Department.

Download a Request for Certificate of Occupancy (pdf)A Certificate of Completion will be issued for a construction project that does not change occupancy or does not substantially alter the original structure.Please remember to contact the Codes Building Department at 792-0157 before starting any construction project. It is important to check setback requirements, zoning requirements and N.Y.S building codes before construction begins.

Permit Applications