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2023 City of Utica HOME-ARP Allocation Plan


The City of Utica was allocated $2,428,816 of HOME-American Rescue Plan Act (HOME-ARP) funding from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in 2021.

In order to receive the HOME-ARP allocation, the City must develop a HOME-ARP Allocation Plan that will become part of the City’s Annual Action Plan.

HOME-ARP funds may be used to serve four Qualifying Populations:

  1. Those that are experiencing homelessness
  2. Those at risk of homelessness
  3. Those fleeing domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, or human trafficking
  4. Populations with high risk of housing instability (including households that are low-income and highly cost-burdened; that have moved two or more times in the last 60 days; and that are living in a hotel/motel)


  1. 06/08/2022 – First Consultation (ESG Program Selection Committee)
  2. 01/31/2023 – Survey Published on Surveymonkey.com
  3. 02/02/2023 – Consultation Letters Sent to Service Providers/Officials/Stakeholders
  4. 02/24/2023 – Survey Closed for Submissions
  5. 03/14/2023 – Published Draft for Public Comment
  6. 03/14/2023 – Conducted Public Hearing
  7. 03/29/2023 – Conclusion of 2-week Public Comment
  8. 03/29/2023 – Sent to HUD for Review
  9. 06/22/2023 – Approved by HUD

  To read the Final 2023 City of Utica HOME-ARP Allocation Plan, Click HERE

To view the Powerpoint Slideshow presented at the 3/14/23 Public Hearing, Click HERE

Home Program

The HOME Program, established under Title II (Home Investment Partnerships Act) of the National Affordable Housing Act, represents an affirmation of the Federal government's commitment to providing decent, safe, and affordable housing for all Americans and to alleviate the problems of severe rent burdens, homelessness, and deteriorating housing nationwide.

Through this federal program administered by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), participating jurisdictions can tailor their housing strategies to meet local needs. The funds are used to leverage state and private funding to acquire, rehabilitate, and/or construct housing units. Depending on the particular project, funding and long-term affordability goals, these activities will be carried out by non-profit developers, for-profit developers, and non-profit Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs).

HOME Application - Budget Instructions
2024 HOME Application - Project Application

For additional information, contact:   Michael Peek, Housing Development Specialist
                                                      Email: mpeek@cityofutica.com
                                                      Phone: 315-792-0181