Street Cleaning

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Street Cleaning

The Department of Public Works picks up green waste, stone and dirt that is PROPERLY set out in open 30 gallon plastic or metal containers on the night of your regularly scheduled garbage collection. You can also bundle your tree branches (tied with string/twine) not to exceed 4 length.Each container/bundle cannot exceed 50 lbs in weight with a maximum of 5 per week.(At this time, there will be no limit to the amount of  containers put out for collection of leaves during the Fall season ONLY!)

Green waste is grass, brush, small branches (4ft. or less),leaves, and shrubbery.**Note: Please remember to keep green waste CLEAN!!..meaning UNMIXED with any foreign matter such as paper, stones, plastics, flower pots and metal items!

In addition; stone, dirt (unmixed with other items), concrete pieces, and bricks, are limited to one plastic/metal container per week not to exceed 50 lbs.

If you have any questions or have large quantities of trees, stone and dirt piles etc. please call the Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority at 731-0238 for a service fee quote BEFORE these items are set out.

The following documents are in PDF format. Adobe Reader is required for viewing. Download Adobe Reader

Please read the attached document: Green Waste Policy & Pick-Up Schedule 

 For other questions, please call 731-0238 or 738-1341.