HeatSmart Utica

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HeatSmart Utica

HEAT SMART UTICA is a community campaign designed to encourage residents and commercial building owners to learn about clean heating & cooling (CH&C) technologies and improve home energy efficiency. The campaign is directed by the City of Utica with support of the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) and supported by rebates from NYSERDA & National Grid.

If your house or building has an old inefficient energy supply system (boiler, furnace or air conditioner) and you are interested in using modern, efficient & clean CH&C technologies and save money - please participate in the campaign. The CH&C systems include ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, heat pump water heaters and house energy use reduction. CH&C systems offer many benefits:

  • Affordable – lowers your energy bills as heat pump technologies are more efficient, and last longer with low maintenance
  • Clean - safe for your home and better for the environment
  • Comfortable – provides both heating & cooling so you can set your home at your ideal temperature throughout the year

    If you are interested in a no fee or obligation evaluation of your house or building by a licensed installer, please fill out the bottom portion of the attached flyer and return to Jack Spaeth by email or mail.

HeatSmart Utica flyer

NYSERDA Residential Home Energy Efficiency Programs

Residential Ground-Based Heat Pump diagrams

NYSERDA Heat Pump video

Hage & Hage Open House event 2-2020

Ground Based Heat Pump Installations in Utica

Ground Drilling video
Piping Installation video