Sidewalk Improvement Program


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Reinstatement of the Sidewalk Improvement Program Was Supported by the Mayor and Common Council in the City’s Recently Approved Budget

Mayor Robert Palmieri today announced that the City of Utica has reinstated the popular sidewalk improvement program. Due to the inherited financial problems the City faced, the sidewalk program had to be cut from the budget the past three years.

With the consistent increase of sales tax revenue, high levels of economic development and a positive turnaround of the City’s finances over the past three years, the Mayor and Common Council were able to include funding for the reinstatement of the sidewalk program in the City’s recently approved budget without raising taxes.

The sidewalk improvement program is a reimbursement program that helps offset the cost to the owner for replacing their sidewalk. The funds for the program are allocated on a first come first serve basis.


The procedure for the reimbursement is as follows:

1. The Property owner must contact the City Engineer’s office to verify funds are available. Any questions regarding this program can be referred to Michael Mustard at (315) 792-0152.

2. The Property owner then hires a contractor.

3. A few days prior to the contractor starting work, the property owner must come into the Engineering Department to obtain a permit and the paper work for reimbursement (a City of Utica Voucher, an Affidavit, and the specifications for construction).

4. After the contractor has completed the work, the property owner must return the paperwork as well as a copy of the paid bill (Bills for all materials if property owner does the work themselves) to the Engineering Department.

5. The Engineering Department then inspects and measures the sidewalk. If everything is satisfactory the paperwork is processed for payment.

The City of Utica reimburses the owner $4.00 a square foot of mainline walk. Commercial and non-profits are allowed a maximum rebate of $1,000.00 ( If a corner property maximum rebate of $1,000.00 per street).

Mayor Palmieri stated, “Our ability to bring back the sidewalk improvement program without raising taxes is further evidence that our finances are improving and as a City we are moving in the right direction.”

The Mayor added, “Infrastructure improvements were a major issue raised by residents at the neighborhood budget meetings I attended with the Common Council, and the reinstatement of this program shows that we are listening to and addressing the concerns of our constituents.”

Sidewalk Reimbursement Detail