PB 3-16-23

Planning Board meeting

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Common Council Chambers

March 16, 2023 – 4:30 PM


PB Case No.:  02-23                                           Zone:    Residential Mixed (RM)

Address: 910 Kellogg Avenue                  Requested Action: Special Permit/Site Plan Review      

Applicant:       Matthew Roman                                                                                

Owner:            Southside Auto Sales, LLC                                                   



Pursuant to City of Utica Zoning Code Section 2-29-291(a) and (b), the applicant is seeking approval of a special use permit and site plan approval of a plan to convert the existing building into a banquet hall that will be available for rental for birthday parties, weddings, business meetings, etc.  The existing parking lot that serves this building is estimated to hold between 80 and 100 vehicles.  According to the applicant, hours of operation for the banquet facility will be no earlier than 8 AM and no later than midnight.


As there is no definition of the ‘banquet hall’ use within the City’s zoning ordinance, the proposed use has been determined to fall under ‘Bar, Restaurant and Café’, all of which require approval by the Planning Board of a Special Use Permit.  As such, a public hearing is required which has been appropriately noticed by both a legal notice in the Observer Dispatch and notices to property owners within a 200’ radius.


Additionally, as this property lies adjacent to the municipal boundary, a request for review under Section 239 of General Municipal Law was sent to the Oneida County Planning Department.  The result was a ‘No Recommendation as to Final Action’.



PB Case No.:  01-23                                             Zone:   Urban Mixed Use (UMU)

Address:          2214 Whitesboro Street      Requested Action:      Site Plan Review/Approval

Applicant:       Anthony Morali, AIA

Owner:            579-581 East 39, LLC                                               



Pursuant to City of Utica Zoning Code Section 2-29-291(a) and (b) the applicant is seeking site plan approval of a convert the former industrial building into a mixed-use facility that will focus on work-force housing and provide such amenities as a food court, secondary health care facilities, indoor parking and a spa that offers physical therapy, baths and sauna.


A mix of indoor and outdoor parking totaling approximately 250 vehicle spaces will be provided for the overall development.  An outdoor play area is also proposed along with 5,000 square feet of common roof gardens on the roof of the existing 6-story building.


The Planning Board tabled further review of this application at their January meeting, pending review by the Oneida County Planning Department and other City departments.



PB Case No.:  03-23                                          Zone:   Central Business District (CBD)

Address:          1002 Cornelia Street                  Requested Action: Site Plan Review/Approval

Applicant:       Steve Wickham, AIA

Owner:            CNY Center for Development                                                           



Pursuant to City of Utica Zoning Code Section 2-29-291(a) and (b) the applicant is seeking site plan approval of a proposal to renovate the former YWCA into supportive housing units for the homeless and veterans.  The plan calls for a total of fourteen (14) units to be created with one-, two- and three-bedroom options.  In addition, a small three-story addition will be constructed in support of the housing units and a one-story addition will be constructed for a boxing ring.  The existing pool and locker rooms will be renovated and made available for public use and a new 17-car parking lot will be added.