Councilman Jack LoMedico Pays for Permit Fees

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Councilman Jack LoMedico Personally Pays for Permit Fees


Mayor Robert Palmieri today announced the permit application for the City of Utica Little League has been approved.


Due to the decreasing COVID-19 infection rate, increasing vaccination rate and favorable weather, the permit application to utilize city fields was approved and Utica Little League can officially begin its 2021 season.


Councilman Jack LoMedico personally covered the permit application fees to ensure Utica’s youth could play this season.  


Mayor Palmieri stated, “This is an exciting and positive announcement as our youth have paid a high price due to COVID-19.  It is important we continue to remain vigilant against COVID-19 by observing all public health guidelines as we strive for normalcy as quickly, and safely, as possible.”  


Mayor Palmieri continued, “Public service is about putting the interest of the community first and delivering positive results on their behalf, and I commend Councilman LoMedico for his generosity.”


Councilman LoMedico stated, “Everyone has made tremendous sacrifices due to COVID-19, and getting our kids outside and playing is a top priority for their overall well-being.  I’m happy to do my part to help Utica’s parents and youth.”