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Reports and Policies

UIDA Application 3-17

UIDA Compensation, Reimbursement and Attendance Policy
UIDA Defense and Indemnification Policy
UIDA Ethics Policy
UIDA Property Disposition Policy
UIDA Investment Policy
UIDA Travel Policy
UIDA Procurement Policy
UIDA Uniform Tax Exemption Policy
UIDA By-Laws 2-13
UIDA Whistleblower Policy
UIDA Internal Control Policy
UIDA Mission Statement
UIDA Effectiveness of Internal Controls
UIDA Organization Chart
UIDA Real Property


UIDA Annual Report 2017
UIDA Budget Report 2018
UIDA Audit Report 2017
UIDA Investment Report 2017
UIDA Procurement Report 2017
UIDA Report to Management 2017
UIDA Mission and Measurements 2017
UIDA Operations and Accomplishments 2017


UIDA Annual Report 2016
UIDA Budget Report 2017
UIDA Audit Report 2016
UIDA Investment Report 2016
UIDA Procurement Report 2016
UIDA Report to Management 2016
UIDA Mission and Measurements 2016
UIDA Operations and Accomplishments 2016


UIDA Annual Report 2015
UIDA Budget Report 2016
UIDA Audit Report 2015
UIDA Investment Report 2015
UIDA Procurement Report 2015
UIDA Report to Management 2015
UIDA Mission and Measurements 2015
UIDA Operations and Accomplishments 2015


UIDA Annual Report 2014
UIDA Budget Report 2015
UIDA Audit Report 2014
UIDA Investment Report 2014
UIDA Procurement Report 2014
UIDA Report to Management 2014
UIDA Mission and Measurements 2014
UIDA Operations and Accomplishments 2014


UIDA Annual Report 2013
UIDA Budget Report 2014
UIDA Audit Report 2013
UIDA Investment Report 2013
UIDA Procurement Report 2013
UIDA Report to Management 2013
UIDA Mission and Measurements 2013
UIDA Operations and Accomplishments 2013


UIDA Annual Report 2012
UIDA Budget Report 2013
UIDA Audit Report 2012
UIDA Investment Report 2012
UIDA Procurement Report 2012
UIDA Report to Management 2012