The ongoing paving on Genesee Street, Oneida Square to Jewett Place

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Mayor Robert Palmieri today announced a temporary Complete Streets trial on Genesee Street (from Oneida Square to Jewett Place).


The Complete Street concept will incorporate a new traffic pattern consisting of a bike lane, safe sidewalks, parking for vehicles and a green buffer area. 


As this portion of Genesee Street is in the process of being repaved, it provided a unique opportunity to temporarily restripe the street and tryout the Complete Street concept. 


This initiative will be implemented next week and this section of Genesee Street will have wider driving lanes, turning lanes at intersections, parking spaces and a designated bike lane.


The team that developed this project includes the City of Utica Departments of Public Works and Engineering, as well as the Utica Complete Streets Work Group, AmeriCorps and MVCC Civil Engineering Students. 


An on-line survey will be available at to obtain feedback from the public.  If the trial is successful and beneficial a permanent striping change to this section of Genesee Street could be implemented. 


More information can be found in the attached documents.


Mayor Palmieri stated, “The ongoing paving on Genesee Street provided the City an opportunity to institute a Complete Street concept on a temporary basis.  We will monitor and assess the temporary changes and determine the best option moving forward.”

Attached - Complete Streets Project Description