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FEBRUARY 22, 2021        4:00 PM


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S&H Case No.: 01-21                                                            Zone: S&H

                        265 Genesee Street                                      Cert. of Appropriateness

Applicant:        Matthew W. Meier, AIA

                        Becky Carlson St. Clair- Artspace

Owner:             Utica Parking Authority


In accordance with the requirements contained in Section 2-29-294 of the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Utica, the applicant is seeking approval of a Certificate of Appropriateness in order to construct a mixed use structure at the above referenced property.


The City of Utica and Artspace Projects, Inc. have entered into a development agreement to convert the northern (Genesee Street side) 0.5 acre portion of the existing parking lot, adjacent to the Stanley Theater, into an affordable housing apartment, mixed use development.


The applicant has proposed to construct a 4 story, 40,000+/- GSF mixed-use building. It will contain 40 living units consisting of 13 studios, 21 single bedroom, and 6 two-bedroom apartments. Approximately 1,500 GSF of lease-able commercial space will be included on the ground floor level, along with building entry lobby and community use spaces. Ground floor apartments will be located at the rear. This project is being funded by New York State Homes and Community Renewal (NYSHCR)


The existing curb cut at Genesee Street will be utilized for a one-way entrance into the lot, driving underneath the 4-story building to access the parking behind. Approximately 33 existing parking spaces within the building footprint and landscape perimeter will be displaced.


Building identity signage will be anticipated, as well as commercial tenant signage.  The ground floor will be clad with a combination of exterior insulation finish system (some textured/panelized, some smooth/stucco) possibly with metal panel or cement board accents (colors to match the yellow and red brick on the ground floor along with grey accents). The applicant has stated that this project conveys an “urban” building form suitable for a Main Street, with masonry and storefront on ground floors (yellow and red brick), and entablature cornice separating public/commercial ground floors from more private/residential upper floors.  The applicant has given special thought to façade treatments on the eastern side of the façade in order to transition to the adjacent Stanley Theater façade scale.  Signage is minimal; to include building identity, way-finding, and commercial tenancies names.  A future public art mural is desired on the eastern façade (stair tower wall).


A landscaping plan has been submitted to include but not limited to plantings of Gold Coast Juniper, Compact American Cranberry, Blue Rug Juniper, Bottebrush Grass, Broad Leaf Sedge, Northern Blueflag, Joe-Pye Weed, October glory Red Maple, Sunburst Locust and Skyrocket Juniper.


This plan will require Planning Board review and approval.