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December 17, 2020 – 4:30pm


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PB Case No.: 12-20                                   Zone:   Planned Development Extraordinary

Address: 117 Business Park Drive               Requested Action:      Site Plan Approval     

Applicant: Schopfer Architects/David A. Schlosser, AIA                Curb Cut Variance     

Owner: Burrstone Road Associates


Pursuant to Section 2-29-274 the applicant is seeking site plan approval and a curb cut variance for a project at the aforementioned address.


The 13.60-acre project site until recently purchased by Burrstone Road Associates, LLC was owned by the 111-117 Business Park Corp. There is one building on the subject parcel, a two story 80,100 SF structure constructed in 1988. The ownership and/or building occupancy has included General Electric, Martin Marietta, and United Healthcare.


Currently, the site includes a single curb cut onto Business Park Drive with parking for 300(+) to the west of the building. The main building entry faces north toward Business Park Drive and its receiving docks are located to the south. The site includes a substantial stormwater detention basin to the southwest of the building.


This project includes interior and exterior renovations for utilization by the Slocum Dickson Medical Group (SDMG) as an outpatient medical facility. A new curb cut and parking area has been proposed at the east side of the facility, increasing the parking capacity to 414 vehicles. Additionally, a covered drop-off added at the building's new west public entry.


A Short Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) has been provided.